Kildare and Newbridge Group of Parishes held special services to mark St. Brigid's Weekend, on Sunday 3 February 2019. The parish where Tim Wright (ICS Council) was instituted as Dean last April.

An All Age Service was held in the morning at St. Patrick’s Church, Newbridge and a Diocesan Celebration Service held at St. Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare in the afternoon. Guest speaker was Richard Bromley with the service being led by Dean Tim Wight and Revd Fran Grasham, with Bishop Pat Storey.

Brigid was a contemporary of St. Patrick. Her spirituality had an enormous impact on the church in Ireland, in the period of growth and transition immediately following the time of St. Patrick. At that time the church in Ireland developed through spiritual communities of monks and nuns. The Cathedral Church of St. Brigid lies in the centre of Kildare Town and was built in the thirteenth century. It occupies one of the most significant ecclesiastical sites in Ireland and is the site most associated with Ireland's most famous female saint, Brigid. The cathedral is part of the Grouped Parishes of Kildare and Newbridge.

Born in 453 A.D., Brigid is said to have established a church at Kildare in 480 A.D., just thirty-five years after St. Patrick established a church at Armagh.

Richard Bromley commented: ‘Reflecting on the life and ministry of Brigid it struck me how she built for a future she would not see and pioneered faithfully in a context of great uncertainty and change. Her passion for mission, her energy to build communities and structures to sustain mission for years to come and her energy for personal witness make her an example and inspiration for us in our own complex and uncertain world’.