During June, Utrecht celebrated being a City for 900 years with many activities organised. Holy Trinity Utrecht joined in the events by opening up the church and inviting people to a garden party on Saturday 25 June.

A healthy band of willing volunteers helped get the garden ready, the gardener had done a wonderful job and we were careful not to disturb too many of her young plants as we hung bunting all round the garden. The trestle tables were brought out of the garden shed and draped with white cloths held down with weighted silver balls, and the kitchen filled up rapidly with delicious cakes and bakes to offer to our guests. This was on Friday, we prayed for good weather and the Lord provided, there were one or two spits but the Holy Umbrella kept our small corner of Utrecht free of heavy showers. 500 invitations had been distributed to all surrounding neighbours so we were expecting hordes.

On Saturday morning, after a short prayer gathering, the church was opened to the public to wander round and ask about our stained windows, shown around by willing volunteers.

Then from 10.00 through to 16.00 there was a steady stream of guests and church members into the garden and church to enjoy the tea, coffee fruit juices and mountain of edibles. Everyone had a seat and the atmosphere was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable.

Some guests were reluctant to vacate the Garden at 1605 but after they had left, we all cleared up and decided which edibles could be used on Sunday morning after the Communion Service.

On Sunday, there was one last jobs to do, taking down the bunting and taking the trestle tables back into the shed.

I believe all our guests had a good experience and will remember the occasion with good memories of our church as we celebrate Utrecht being a City now for 900 years.

The organising team of Holy Trinity Utrecht