We are delighted to report that there is now a new roof on St. Peter's Church, Zermatt!

The roof was taken off in July and we were impressed with the quality and the condition of the timbers underneath. Some replacement work was necessary but generally it was in good condition. A waterproof membrane was fitted underneath the copper replacement roof and it is now fit to stand the test of the very harsh weather of the Swiss Alps.

Our ambition is now that the church looks beautiful once again, that is continues to be a beacon for the gospel and not only draws people who have an interest in the history and life of Zermatt, but that they may encounter something of the living God through the worship and chaplains they meet when they are here.

'Thank you' for your generous support in donating money towards the roof. We now only need to raise funds to carry out the additional repairs that have become apparent upon closer inspection: lightening conductors, bell towers and boundary walls. Please see the Zermatt Appeal page here.