This winter Kevin and Helene Billson returned to Wengen to serve as ICS chaplain. Kevin writes: 'I am regularly asked by members of my own congregation whether this is not really a busman’s holiday. There is some truth in that but at the same time I have to say that I find the change of location and some of the unique opportunities and lessons that the role of chaplain presents wonderfully encouraging.'

The work of chaplain challenges me to think about my own commitment to personal evangelism.  The chaplain looks for opportunities to share something about their own faith in Jesus and the good news of the gospel. One lesson I have learnt through my desire to be a witness is the importance of prayer and asking God for opportunities for me to speak to people about Jesus. This lesson was brought home to both my wife and I even on our last full day in Wengen. 

Our morning devotions were from Colossians 4, which reminded us to ask God to ‘open a door’ for the message of Christ and to make the most of every opportunity. Helene and I took that to be God saying to us that our work in Wengen, even on this last day, was not yet finished.

We went for a walk up to the Allmend mountain restaurant (pictured below), relaxed over a warm drink and then started to walk home. As we walked, we met a young Brazilian couple on a few days’ break in Wengen who were not shy about starting a conversation with us and we were quickly chatting about where we were from and what we were doing in Wengen–a chaplain’s dream and an obvious open door. Our conversation quickly turned to a discussion about religion. They shared their views about faith in God and their ‘religious experiences’ and we listened, then Helene and I shared about the unique role of Jesus whom we spoke of as the only way to know God.

By the time we descended from the restaurant back into Wengen we had been walking and talking to them for some time and were beginning to build up a genuine relationship with them. This gave us the opportunity to invite them back to the chaplain’s flat for some refreshments and eventually to give them a copy of a Gideon New Testament. They were immediately impressed by the guidance it contained in the front pages concerning ‘where to find help’. When we discovered that one of them was completing a PhD in Bern, we exchanged contact details and hope to stay touch and meet up again during the summer months.

We were amazed at the way God had prepared us for this meeting and gave us the opportunity. It reminded me again of the importance of prayerfulness and being directed by God in our desire to be a witness for him.

Kevin Billson

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