When asked what we do for our mission partners, the reply is: 'Pray'. A large group of people are committed to praying individually and in groups for ICS's work: God's work, done in God’s time, in God’s power. Prayer is the essential ingredient to this.

As we pray we see God guide, provide and lead. We see opportunities emerge that we could never have imagined, and situations resolved in ways that show the unseen hand of God at work. When we ask people to support ICS we often talk about prayer and financial support, and we genuinely believe that both are equally important. 

Please follow the links on this website regarding 'Praying for ICS'. To pray for us using the daily prayers, to use the Prayer Diary, to keep up-to-date and alert to the immediate prayer that feature in the monthly News and Prayer Update, and consider starting or joining a prayer group. As you read the stories in the news section you will see and hear something of the opportunities, challenges and great things that are happening. Prayer is the breath that breathes life into these moments. Please stand with us in this way.