My mom and step-dad used to go and watch Land Rover hill climbs, it was a chance to turn up in their old Land Rover and see what amazing, unbelievable terrains it could sail over. There would be a moment when the hill got steep, everyone held their breath and would wonder, will it have to reverse back, or worse roll over. But the engine would roar, and the tyres dig in, and it was off. 

I have always thought that when organisations said they need to consolidate gains, this was a sign of lack of vision or playing it safe. Until now… Now I think it is about having positioned ourselves at the bottom of the hill, in the direction we want to go, it is time to dig in and climb.

In 2018 we launched so much new work, started so many new outreach projects, agreed to take on new people and move into new areas, that 2019 for me must be about consolidation, delivering on what we have said we will do, doing the hard, unseen work that will get us up the hill. Not to sit back on our laurels, but to allow what we have started to bed in, gain traction and start to see fruit. 

I therefore see 2019 unashamedly about consolidation. That the work in Rotterdam, Ankara, Izmir, Algiers, Lyon, Bordeaux, Schiphol Airport and Brussels is tended carefully in these early stages. That the property person we have recruited is able to flourish in the role and as we take on a person to develop our social media communication, again we give them the best chance of succeeding and moving forward the ministry of ICS. 

And finally, we must communicate what we are doing, that people can pray, give and get involved in the ministry.  It is time for us to speak up about all that is going on. 

I wish you a happy New Year! 

Richard Bromley