If you had told me in 1973, when I arrived in Wengen as a young man, eagerly anticipating my first skiing holiday, that one day I would be Chaplain of the English Church, and that I would return to Wengen year after year, making many friends in the process, and feeling very much at home, I wouldn’t have believed you. I first served as Chaplain in 1983, staying as a guest of the village, in the Hotel Falken. 

At the turn of the century ICS purchased an apartment, which changed profoundly the way the Chaplain operates. I enjoy being Chaplain in the winter and, if asked to, in the summer also, not just because of the extraordinarily beautiful mountain scenery, but also because I have found that many people really appreciate having a Chaplain on duty, and a Chaplain who offers attractive, contemporary worship and who takes straightforward Bible teaching seriously. 

I have always found being a Chaplain both challenging and rewarding. I am still grateful to ICS after all these years, for the regular invitation to serve as Chaplain , as and when needed.