St Peter's Zermatt opened for services on St Peter's Day, Wednesday 29 June 1870, and was dedicated on Sunday 6 August 1871. As last year's 150th Anniversary celebrations were scuppered due to Covid, we hope to duly mark the occasion during the weekend of 6-8 August 2021.

These 150 years, many thousands of people from all over the world have heard the gospel proclaimed and have joined in the worship of God, whose majesty dwarfs the majestic sight of the Matterhorn. Zermatt has remained a thriving and growing centre for tourists, resort workers and residents who value the chance to communicate, work and worship in the English language. For nearly nine months of the year, our volunteer chaplains serve these people and work in partnership with the local churches and tourism industry.

Friday 6 August: A 'Thank You' reception for our partners to celebrate this landmark.

Sunday 8 August at 10am a Celebration Service in the church.

When we will give thanks to God for the past and look for His guidance and blessing for the future. This service is open to all and will be followed by an informal reception at the church.

Full details will only be known nearer the time but will be clearly communicated on the website and Facebook page.

The church has been well maintained over the decades and recent improvements have included a new roof, meeting the needs of the present day. Visitors and residents of all nationalities can find at St Peter’s, both the memorials of history and the offer of future, indeed eternal, hope. Zermatt has grown out of all recognition to those early days and now over 100 hotels and many more apartment blocks fill the valley and spread up the lower slopes. The little church on the prominent hill is now hard to spot from the main street because of the extra buildings!

150 years of faithful service have passed, but for St Peter’s church there is still much to be done to bring glory to God, as life and tourism recover from the pandemic – and that’s worth celebrating however we manage to do it!

Please consider making a donation to ICS's mission and ministry in Zermatt and help maintain the church, thank you!