Kevin, Catherine, Hetty, and Pippa are delighted to be back in Zermatt: skiing, catching up with friends, and being involved in the ICS chaplaincy ministry of St Peter’s, Zermatt.  Kevin’s first chaplaincy in Zermatt was in 1993.  After serving as a school chaplain for a few years, Kevin spent 18 years serving as a Army Chaplain with numerous units in many places on exercise and on military operations.  The Mentzel family are now settled in Abingdon, just south of Oxford, UK.  Kevin continues to serve as a Reserve Army Chaplain and Volunteer Police Chaplain and spends much of his time coaching rowing at Abingdon Rowing Club.  Catherine enjoys her work as Librarian at a local Prep School, and Hetty and Pippa are studying hard for their A levels.  We look forward to meeting you on the slopes, in the town, and in St Peter’s Church.