Thinking of a Short-term Chaplaincy
as part of ICS Resort Mission?

ICS is an evangelical Anglican society which aims to teach and explain the gospel of Jesus Christ to English-speaking people of different nationalities, denominations or backgrounds who are working, studying, or living overseas.

Our work in tourist resorts currently takes place in selected venues in Switzerland and Corfu, and we are also looking to expand into other places as opportunities present themselves. It is an exciting ministry because, while on holiday, people often have time to relax and think about their lives, their values, aims and priorities; they may even be open to consider spiritual things. Those who are working in the resorts, especially within the tourist industry, are often vulnerable, lonely and under great pressure. Pastoral care for these people can be so rewarding and may, in its turn, lead to deeper conversations. Expatriates, too, can find themselves struggling with disillusionment, cross-cultural issues and other challenges to which a pastorally sensitive chaplain can help to bring a confidential listening ear and an encouraging prayer. 

While a seasonal chaplaincy offers something of a change from the normal ministry for the chaplain, there is much work to be done so a disciplined use of time and an attitude of being ‘on call’ is necessary. We therefore seek to recruit those who:

  • are committed to ICS’s evangelical ethos (SEE THE ‘ICS BASIS OF FAITH’);
  • have a natural aptitude and desire to share their faith with others, both in their social contacts and in their public ministry;
  • are able to bring people to an experience of the love of God in Christ.

We need chaplains to offer two or more weeks of their time to take full advantage of this mission opportunity. ICS provides all the facilities and back-up that each chaplaincy requires.

What kind of people is ICS looking for?

We principally need pastorally-sensitive ordained, or licensed lay, Anglicans who long to see people come to, and grow in, faith in Jesus, and who have the ability to present the gospel clearly and challengingly to people of all ages.

Is there an age limit?

Due to the demands of the work the ICS Council has set a policy of only recruiting volunteer seasonal chaplains under the age of seventy. Once recruited chaplains may, at the discretion of ICS, serve for as long as their physical or mental health permits.

How much work will I be expected to do?

During the chaplaincy the chaplain will be expected to make a positive effort to contact people and seek to help them in a living faith in Jesus Christ. You will need to be available to take whatever opportunities present themselves for evangelistic and pastoral contacts, and to do some visiting in resort when you can also invite English-speaking people to Sunday services and midweek events. In addition to a mission mindset, Chaplains need to be well prepared for Sunday services, especially as there may be children and young people present and often people with little understanding of the gospel. The days before you go will require a reasonable amount of preparatory work and there will be things to do upon arrival such as visiting local hotels or campsites to promote the Chaplaincy and to display publicity materials. During and/or at the end of your chaplaincy, you will need to write a report to share some of the stories and present certain statistics to inform the Seasonal Mission manager and subsequent Chaplains of the events of your time as Chaplain. All of this may sound daunting, but it is very manageable and enjoyable. Much depends on the gifts and abilities of each chaplain, their family situation, and style of doing things.

How much will it cost me?

In most resorts, we provide accommodation free-of-charge for the chaplain and immediate family and we make a contribution towards travel costs. The package varies according to the chaplaincy, though you will still be likely to incur some considerable personal costs as part of your commitment to this work. We strongly recommend that you foster a spirit of partnership with your home parish or community and seek ways of fund-raising to help offset the personal costs.

Can I take others with me?

This is something we actively encourage. It is a great opportunity to take those with evangelistic gifts, either fully recognised or embryonic, to work under your authority and guidance to assist this aspect of your Chaplaincy. A team can also greatly enrich ministry and public worship, especially if it includes people with musical or other creative talents. Extra willing hands and feet can be particularly helpful at the start of the season when posters and leaflets may need to be widely distributed. Teams are required to book their own travel and accommodation, though the accommodation provided will often give space for a couple of team members to share with the Chaplain. All team members will be required to adhere to certain Safeguarding requirements.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

No. Our ministry is to English-speaking people. But if chaplains can speak to the local priest, official, or campsite/hotel owner in their own language, obviously, that helps.

Do I receive any training?

Yes. This is important because chaplaincies are only for short periods leaving little time to learn on the job. Each season, we normally run a special Preparation Day. This may be online via Zoom, or in person in the Coventry area. All chaplains on  the programme are expected to attend. Spouses and family / team members are also welcome and encouraged to attend. The way this is done is constantly under review, but we will seek to ensure that you are adequately prepared. In addition, ICS will provide you with access to a chaplaincy information pack before you set out.

The Care and Protection of Children and of Adults at Risk

Chaplains [and team members under the chaplains authority and oversight] are likely to be in situations where they may be ministering to ‘Adults at Risk’, and may find themselves wishing to undertake ministry with children. Chaplains serve in the European resorts under the authority of the Bishop of the Diocese in Europe. Chaplains will be expected, with the assistance of ICS, to apply for PTO in the Diocese. In some cases, this will be a temporary licence covering the period of the chaplaincy, but for most ordained chaplains, this will be a full 3 to 5-year permission. Application will involve obtaining a DBS check through the Diocesan office and where chaplains have lived abroad for significant periods of their adult life, they will also need to obtain an equivalent document from those countries.
ICS can help with information about how to go about this. All Chaplains, together with family and team members over 16, are also required to complete an ICS Confidential Declaration and to provide suitable photos for ID badges.

Supporting ICS

Chaplains are required to support ICS financially, normally as a full member, and to seek to promote ICS within their home parish.


We have a formal recruitment procedure which begins with candidates completing an application form and a ‘Confidential Disclosure’.

  • As part of our commitment to Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment, we will require confirmation that safeguarding training is up to date. PTO will not be given by the Diocese in Europe if this is not the case.
  • References are always taken up and we will write to the candidate’s bishop for a ‘safe to receive’ letter.
  • Applicants are also required to attend an informal meeting with the Seasonal Mission Manager, usually at our office in Coventry, though it can be arranged elsewhere or by Zoom if necessary.
  • Once recruited, chaplains receive a bi-annual invitation to apply for a chaplaincy – Summer and Winter seasons as appropriate, although we cannot promise the offer of a place in any particular season or at any particular resort.