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ICS is a Christian Mission, part of the Anglican Church, operating in post-Brexit Europe, including in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona and more widely we serve in Cairo, North Africa, South America and Asia. You will find our chaplains in holiday resorts and our mission partners in towns, cities and planting churches. Come Closer to find out more!


Author: Jeannette Spaanderman

Pray for ICS

Each day we focus on an aspect of our work and call on all those who support ICS to pray with us.



I Was Hungry

A Lent Series on Refugees in Ethiopia, Europe, the Bible and Beyond with stories, reflections and prayers from ICS Mission Partners.


Author: Alice Myles

Resort Mission

ICS Resort Mission is a summer and winter mission in Switzerland and Corfu with volunteer chaplains who conduct services, provide pastoral support and who share the love and Good News of Jesus Christ. For more information on dates, times and chaplains, please visit the Resort Mission page.


Author: Jeannette Spaanderman

Our Impact


Mission Partners working in Churches, institutions and Communities.


Countries have ICS ministry taking place.


Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.  An ICS presence on four continents around the world.