Interlaken is the 'original' ICS resort mission, dating back to 1844! We have a great partnership with the Tourist Office and the Swiss Reformed Church and meet for Sunday worship at the 'Schlosskapelle' (Castle Chapel) - a chapel in the cloisters to the right of the main Swiss Reformed Church in Interlaken.

Our chaplains stay in campsites or apartments locally and are readily available to meet with people and to offer friendship, encouragement and spiritual guidance as required during the week. Please feel free to contact them if you wish to meet up. They also visit campsites and hotels and offer pastoral visits to English speakers in the hospital in Interlaken.

Sunday worship takes place each Sunday morning at 10:30 in the Schlosskapelle. This will normally be a service of Holy Communion. However, please note that, occasionally, our chaplains are not ordained (in which case they will not have the title 'Revd'), and so there may be weeks when these morning services may be non-Eucharistic.  There is also a service of Evening Worship each Sunday evening in Grindelwald.

Chaplain’s Mobile +44 (0)7380 617 789