A Christian is not simply someone who tries to live a good life – though hopefully every Christian does!  A Christian is someone who has submitted their life to Christ – putting him first rather than themselves or anyone or anything else.  To become a Christian, you simply have to put your faith in Jesus – the rest is down to him.  You can’t earn it, or manufacture it, but by submitting yourself to Christ, you are then committed to a life of love and obedience to his word and his will.  This isn’t such a bad deal of course, because his word is the word that brings eternal life and his will is that your life will be fulfilling, meaningful and transformational. 

You will literally become “God’s gift to the world”.  His Holy Spirit will fill you as he has promised – whether you feel anything or not, others will notice the difference.  Most Christians experience an inner peace in their lives – what the Bible calls “the peace that passes understanding”.  It doesn’t mean you will avoid problems, but that you will receive strength to cope.  While becoming a Christian is a once for all event, the old “you” will keep resurfacing and have to be dealt with.  The good news is that God understands that our need for forgiveness and renewal is not a once for all event, but a regular occurrence! Becoming a Christian is the simplest thing to do – but the most important decision you can ever make.

If you wish to take that step, then stop, sit quietly in the church for a while, and talk in your mind to Jesus.  He is here and he loves you.  Open your heart and life to him – ask him to come and bring you his life.  Admit that you’ve been trying to live life your way, but now you want to live it his way.  You will find some prayers in the section called “Time to Reflect”.  These might help you, but the words you use aren’t important – what matters is a wholehearted submission to Jesus as both Saviour and Lord.

If you have done that, then you are now filled with his Spirit and assured of life eternal.  You may have felt something dramatic, you may not, but being a Christian is not about feelings.  Neither is it a private matter.  Jesus calls his followers to be united to him and to one another.  This is what the Church is designed to be: a group of forgiven sinners growing together as we grow more like Christ.  If you fill in one of the cards near the screen and post it in the box alongside, someone will write to you or send you an e-mail – just to encourage you as you have encouraged us.  Or contact the chaplain in resort and come along on Sunday or Thursday if you can (summer and winter seasons only).