Jesus is part of God, not part of creation.  His miraculous birth to Mary was not the start of his existence, but only the start of his humanity.  The three persons of the one God are to be found in the account of creation working as one in a relationship of love.  Jesus is described as the ‘Word of God’ – revealing the will and purposes of God as he did throughout his human life.  The Holy Spirit is described as the ‘breath of God’ – bringing the life-giving power of God to all living things, and especially to the eternal spirit which God has put into humanity – created to be his image on earth.

It is this eternal aspect of Jesus which explains some of the miracles which Jesus performed as recorded in the Gospels.  There is the account of Jesus and his disciples out on Lake Galilee during a fierce storm.  Jesus was sleeping, but the disciples woke him in their panic as they were afraid that the boat would sink.  Jesus simply told the wind and waves to ‘be still’ – and the storm abated.  One of the disciples exclaimed, “Who is this man, that even the wind and waves obey him?”.  The creation recognised the voice of its creator, the pre-existent Word of God who had called it into being.  It is no real surprise then that the wind and waves obeyed their creator’s word.  We should do the same!

Who is Jesus? 01: Jesus, the Christ/Messiah

Who is Jesus? 02: Jesus, the Son of God

Who is Jesus? 03: Jesus Pre-existent

Who is Jesus? 04: Jesus, the Son of Man

Who is Jesus? 05: Jesus, the Great Teacher

Who is Jesus? 06: Jesus, and his claims about himself

Who is Jesus? 07: Key events in the life of Jesus

Who is Jesus? 08: Knowing Jesus personally

Who is Jesus? 09: Becoming a Christian

Who is Jesus? 10: What is the Bible?